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  Equine Rescue / Sanctuary / Endangered Spanish Mustangs
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In 2021 
Ranch Critters said goodbye to our Feisty Senior       " AL" 
He reached the grand old age of 31 and will be remembered as the crafty and unique character that he was

1990 - 2021

Jewel arrived in Mar '19 and after a dental check it was discovered she had NO upper teeth - she had a special senior diet from then on - 
Jewel adopted several of our 'Littles' where she watched over them for a long as she was able.   They miss her as do all the Ranch Critters 
                ~R.I.P. 2021~
The Ranch Critter family had to say goodbye to two family members in October '18  Our beloved Tank, who for his entire life here had greeted each visitor to RC with a wagging tail and an open heart.... and Honey, a 29 year old quarter horse who came to RC with injuries resulting from years of doing everything that was asked of her  ..... at least we were able to give her a stress free life during her time with us....   R.I.P.   
On FaceBook you can read a beautiful and personal tribute to Honey from Gwenn Murphy, one of the Directors here at Ranch Critters.
Not long after we lost our beloved Tank ... these two
amazing little critters 'just happened along'  for anyone who believes that.
We think Tank had a part in making our paths cross and our grief lighten.      
Prince Charming 1986  ~ 2017

The Beloved Elder At Ranch Critters
Momma Mustang 
Jake arrived at Ranch Critters literally a walking skeleton... and we watched him improve day by day and go on to become his former self.... he went to live with someone who loved him very much and made sure his biggest decision each day was which pasture he wanted to graze in ....
Unfortunately old injuries and underlying health conditions resulted in his life being much shorter than it should have been......  Jake lives in our hearts forever.....   RIP Beautiful Boy 
This gentle soul came to us in December 2017, neglected and starved.
Trane had been used to lead racehorses onto track and when he was no longer useful just discarded.   We were lucky enough to help him fully recover and he went on to represent Ranch Critters in his noble way.   Every weekend he was the equine therapist to a young boy who is autistic.  He was trusted enough to do that important job and he did it flawlessly and faithfully.    He lives on in our hearts and memories.  
Rest In Peace  Our Gentle Soul
You Inspired Us All        
January 2020 
Trane  and his buddy Pat enjoying their day watching the March '19 Pop-In Clinic 
Bentley  has a place of honor at Ranch Critters.   He kept EVERYBODY in line and was the Keeper of Peace and Tranquility
Always welcoming and watchful.  Bentley was one of a kind.    RIP